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CanCARE Services will be pleased to consider request for Market Research surveys. Please contact us with suggestions.

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Thanks you for taking the time to stop by our survey section. I do hope that you will graciously spend a little of your valuable time to take part in our current surveys.

It is easy to improve our services by giving us your feedback through our regular surveys. Indeed our intial surveys all concern your interest regarding CanCARE Services.

There will be a number of surveys that can be taken but at present we have listed our initial survey only. Others will follow at a later date. Each survey will take no more than 10 mins to complete.

We at CanCARE Services are committed to providing a customer friendly service. We welcome comments and suggestions such that we can improve our services to meet this goal. As such we welcome your help and indeed this can be provided via your participation in our initial survey which are designed to capture your thoughts regarding our service.


CanCARE Visitor Survey

Future Survey

Future Survey

Future Survey

Future Survey


Remember your feedback helps us help you!